Juvenile Crimes

Defending a juvenile is not the same as adult criminal defense. First of all, juveniles found guilty of crimes are not convicted; they are adjudicated. While an adjudication is not on a criminal record like a conviction, it is still serious and best avoided. Similarly, a juvenile is rarely at risk of jail or prison time. However, a juvenile may have to spend time in the Department of Youth Corrections (DYC). The penalties will interfere with a child's education, career opportunities and future. You need a Greeley juvenile crime lawyer who understands how to handle these cases successfully. You will find that lawyer at Martin & Reed, LLC.

Defense Against All Juvenile Crimes

Minors can be accused of any crime an adult can and more. At our law firm, we defend children in Northern Colorado against minor-specific charges like minor in possession of alcohol and underage drinking, as well as drug crimes like drug possession, sex crimes like statutory rape, assault charges and more. Parents turn to us when they want an attorney who will provide their child with the necessary protection against potentially life-changing charges.

The most serious juvenile charges may be direct filed. This means that the district attorney files the child's case with the district court and the child will be charged as an adult. Adult penalties will be on the line. This is typically reserved for serious assault or murder charges. We are fully prepared to defend juveniles who are being tried as adults.

Our Approach To Juvenile Defense

Of course, our approach to representing a child is different than our approach to representing an adult, and not only because of the emotional and maturity differences between adults and children. There are also legal issues specific to these cases. For example, police need a parent or legal guardian's permission before they can interview a child. If a child confesses to a crime and a parent did not consent to the interview, the confession may be thrown out. We understand the unique nuances in these cases and know how to protect a child's future.

Free Consultation: Fort Collins Lawyer Handling Minor in Possession Cases

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