Experienced Drunk Driving Trial Lawyers

Our DUI attorneys at Martin & Reed are here to fight for you. We represent individuals facing DUI and DWAI charges in Greeley and throughout northern Colorado.

We believe everyone deserves an aggressive defense. Our strong track record in defending DUI cases is due to our commitment to you.

Hire us and you will get experienced attorneys with a passion for defending your rights. Our unique set of skills include:

  • Trial experience - We have handle more than 1,000 DUI cases and over 100 jury trials. Our track record of success is because of this extensive experience in court.
  • Diligent preparation - We prepare every case to go to trial to effective protect your rights and your future.
  • Personal representation - One of our DUI attorneys will handle every part of your case.

Do not wait to speak with us if you have been arrested for a DUI or DWAI in Colorado. The consequences are severe, including a criminal record and loss of driving privileges.

Call 970-573-7762 for experienced and aggressive defense representation after a DUI or DWAI charge.