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Riding a bicycle drunk can lead to a DUI

On Behalf of | Dec 4, 2017 | DUI/DWAI |

You and your friends have been planning a pub crawl through Greeley before the winter weather fully sets in. In order to stay safe and not risk a driving under the influence (DUI) charge or possibly even an accident, you have decided to make it a bike riding event. Unfortunately, in Colorado, you can get a DUI for riding a bike while intoxicated. And, in recent years, Denver and other cities have started taking a hard stand against cyclists riding their bikes while drunk.

Denver adjusted its stance on drinking and cycling after a vehicle was involved in a collision with an intoxicated cyclist. When the cyclist did not receive a DUI, the motorist filed a complaint. As a result, the police department started enforcing drunk driving laws as they apply to cyclists. Many advocates in Colorado, and in other states that enforce strict drinking and cycling laws, have claimed that the harsh treatment will cause more people to make the less safe choice of getting behind the wheel after drinking. Other people argue that increasing the focus on drunk cyclists is not an efficient nor effective way to use police resources.

Some states have started making drunk cycling legal in order to encourage people to opt for riding a bicycle instead of driving a car after a night out. South Dakota is one of the states that has tossed out its biking under the influence (BUI) laws. In other locales, the police will offer to give a drunk cyclist a ride home instead of issuing a citation.

If you find yourself facing a DUI charge for riding your bicycle while intoxicated in Greeley, a conviction could lead to some expensive fines, court fees and a black mark on your criminal record. Fortunately, you still have rights and options when it come to fighting back against the charges. With a strong defense, you might be able to avoid a DUI conviction in Colorado.