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Don’t drink and drive this Memorial Day weekend

On Behalf of | May 17, 2018 | DUI/DWAI |

Last Memorial Day weekend, Colorado police caught 331 allegedly impaired drivers. This was part of a combined effort between the Colorado Department of Transportation and law enforcement personnel across the state.

This number reflects fewer driving under the influence (DUI) arrests than the prior year, which saw 390 motorists charged with DUIs during the same Memorial Day timeframe.

Memorial Day and Labor Day are the two holidays that bookend the summer festivities. Together with the Fourth of July, these extended weekend celebrations are good times to reconnect with family and friends.

Often, however, these celebrations involve people over-imbibing alcohol. Certainly there is nothing wrong with having a good time, but a drunk driving arrest can adversely affect nearly every aspect of a driver’s life.

Losing your driver’s license

Depending on the circumstances, a DUI conviction can lead to revocation of your driver’s license. If you depend on your vehicle to get to and from work or to carry out your job duties, this could lead to termination of your employment.

You could be fired

Your employer could fire you from your job simply for being arrested for suspicion of DUI. Convictions can permanently disqualify you from many different careers on all levels of the pay scale. For instance, even pizza delivery persons need clean driving records.

Also, the time that you might need to take off from work for court appearances, mandated counseling and community service can throw a monkey wrench into your career aspirations and make your boss lose patience with your frequent absences.

It’s going to cost you — a lot

If you are arrested for DUI, you will need bail money and have to pay attorneys’ fees. Convictions bring fines, court costs and associated fees. If you are allowed to keep your driver’s license, you will pay substantially higher fees for auto insurance for numerous years.

Social stigmas

Arrests and convictions for drunk driving can also affect your personal and professional relationships. These effects may also stain the reputations of your family members who may be embarrassed or ashamed that you drank and drove.

It’s always best to avoid unnecessary legal complications by arranging for a sober ride home from celebrations. If however, you get caught drinking and driving, make sure to protect your rights throughout the legal process.