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Watch out for these subtle red flags that divorce is coming

On Behalf of | Oct 30, 2018 | Family Law |

Divorce typically does not happen overnight. If you’re looking for signs, you can spot a number of red flags well in advance. These flags could mean that your relationship is slowly unraveling. If that trajectory holds, it can lead to a divorce in the end.

Since planning ahead is so crucial with a divorce, it is wise to look for these red flags as far in advance as possible. Your spouse may be mulling over a divorce, and you can start getting things in order legally and financially. You can get ready to move forward. You can prepare.

So, what should you watch out for? Here are a few signs:

1. You feel envious of someone else’s relationship

You see your friend with their spouse and you wish you had that spark in your own life. You watch your sibling and their spouse, and you wish you had someone who put you first like that. Everywhere you look, you feel a bit envious. It’s not shallow. You’re not envious that someone else has a more attractive spouse or that some other couple makes more money. You feel jealous that the emotional connection they share is fundamentally deeper than anything you have experienced.

2. You keep telling other people that your relationship is still going strong

You feel like you need to prove it. Maybe you want to convince a friend that you and your spouse are closer than ever. Think about it carefully. Are you actually trying to convince your friend or yourself? Why do you feel like you need to prove it? If your relationship is really strong, you never feel that way. It could be that you are experiencing the mild jealousy noted above, and you’re trying to convince yourself that there’s no reason for it.

3. Physical intimacy grows far less common

You do not need to worry too much if you do not seem as close for a short time. Life gets busy, especially for those with careers and children. If it continues forever, though, you may not have that connection you once had. That’s important in a marriage, no matter how long you’ve been together.

4. You start looking for other things to do

You just don’t feel like spending time together. It’s not that you dislike your spouse, but you’d rather be with your friends or at work or even on social media. Perhaps you still want to spend time together, but your spouse makes all the excuses. Either way, it can mean that the two of you are drifting apart.

What now?

Have you seen some of these red flags? If you do wind up ending your marriage, be sure you are well aware of your legal rights.