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Protecting Minors After An Alcohol-Related Arrest

Minors can face serious consequences for underage drinking while driving or at a party. A minor only needs to have a .02 blood alcohol content level to face a DUI charge in Colorado.

Aggressive Representation To Protect Your Future

Strong legal representation is necessary if you or your child has been arrested for underage consumption or minor in possession. At Martin & Reed, LLC, our attorneys provide aggressive representation to protect you or your child’s future in Greeley and throughout Northern Colorado.

We will review the arrest and all test results to determine the best defense strategy to take in your case. We know how to protect your rights and what options are available to get the charges reduced or dismissed and when alternative punishments may be considered.

The Penalties And Collateral Consequences Of A Conviction

A conviction for consumption of alcohol by a minor/minor in possession can result in fines and license suspension. The consequences vary depending on your conviction:

  • A first conviction carries a fine up to $250 and a license suspension of three months.
  • A second conviction carries a fine up to $500 and a license suspension up to six months.
  • A third or subsequent conviction carries a fine up to $1,000, license suspension for one year and a maximum jail sentence of 12 months.

In addition to these penalties, students can face additional discipline from their university or school that can harm their ability to find employment and participate in sports or academic activities.

Our lawyers understand the collateral consequences of a conviction. We know what steps to take to protect your rights, your future and your reputation. We diligently examine all factors in your case to make sure your rights were not violated. We work hard to find the best outcome that will protect your future, preserve your driving privileges and minimize the impact this will have on the rest of your life.

Contact Our Attorneys Right Away After An Arrest

We have extensive trial experience. We will advocate for you, explaining the process along the way so you know what to expect and what we are doing to help you. Call us right away at 970-573-5187 for our Greeley office or contact us online to schedule your free consultation. We will take immediate action to protect your rights after an arrest.