Child custody: Be careful what you wear to court

If you felt a certain amount of liberation when you filed for divorce in a Colorado court, you wouldn’t be the first person to describe feeling this way in similar circumstances. While a divorce may not necessarily have been on your list of lifetime goals, it happens, and it’s always best to build a strong support network from the start to help you move on life, especially if you must resolve child custody issues, which can be complex and stressful.

In your newly found feelings of freedom, you might be glad that you’re able to finally be yourself, including expressing your unique personality through lifestyle or clothing choices, for instance. You’re determined that you’re no longer going to worry whether another person approves of your choices. You’re just going to be yourself. It’s a good idea, although you might want to be cautious about it when heading to court for child custody proceedings.

What you wear to court may influence the judge’s decision

In child custody litigation, you’re basically trying to convince the court that your kids would be better off living with you than with your ex. You’ll want to make a good impression when you walk into the courtroom. This is why it’s best to avoid clothing that may cause distraction, opting instead for neutral tones and conservative styles.

There are state guidelines that help family court judges form their decisions in child custody cases. However, it’s a fact that a person’s appearance may create either a negative or positive impression, which, in turn, can influence the decision-making process.

Clothing choices to avoid for child custody proceedings

When you’re standing before the judge overseeing your case, you’ll want to appear neat, clean and confident. It’s best to avoid over-accessorizing an outfit or wearing dramatic cosmetics. Simple, understated and business casual is always the best choice.

It’s never a good idea to wear clothes that appear sloppy or that do not fit properly. A courtroom is definitely not the appropriate place for wearing tight-fitting clothes, plunging necklines or pants below the belt line.

Check out the court’s website before proceedings commence

There are several things you can do if you’re unsure of what to wear or not wear to court. You might ask a family member or friend, who has navigated child custody proceedings in the past, what he or she wore in court. You can also check the court’s website to see if there are dress code recommendations published there. Your legal support team can make recommendations as to what types of clothing are likeliest to make a good impression when you’re trying to score a victory in a child custody case.