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Misdemeanors, felonies, classes, municipal, state… If you’re investigated for or charged with a crime in Greeley, there are a lot of words involved that have the power to change your entire future. One of the questions you’re looking to answer is: what can you do about it? To help you get the best outcome for your future, you need to find, hire, and cooperate with an experienced Greeley criminal defense attorney, and our team at Martin & Reed, LLC, is here for you. Schedule your free consultation now by calling (970) 573-5187 or by completing our contact form.

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Understanding Criminal Defense

In the 6th Amendment to the U.S constitution, our country’s founding fathers guaranteed every American the right to legal counsel when charged with a crime. Then, in 1963, the courts further fortified this right in the Gideon v. Wainwright decision guaranteeing a court-appointed attorney to those who couldn’t afford to hire one of their own. While most public defenders do their best, these underpaid and overworked attorneys may not have the experience a defendant needs in a complex criminal case, or the time to devote individual attention to the diligent investigation your case requires.

The courts define criminal defense as the strategic arguments put forth to question the validity and adequacy of the arguments and evidence provided by the prosecution—the side that’s tasked with proving the criminal charges against you beyond a reasonable doubt. Without an adequate defense, the arguments of the prosecution would go unchallenged.

Your Greeley criminal defense attorney serves to protect your rights and best interests through every stage of legal proceedings after charges are brought against you.

How Can a Greeley Criminal Defense Attorney Help You?

The right Greeley criminal defense attorney can help you in many ways, regardless of what type of charge you’re facing. It’s crucial to note that not all criminal defense firms are the same. Also, while public defenders do a noble service for our State, they’re overworked to the point that they generally have very little time to review their cases and spend time with their clients. And a budget for expert witnesses? That depends.

When possible, it is truly in your best interest to hire an experienced Greeley criminal defense attorney to take on your case as soon as possible. A criminal defense lawyer at our firm can help by:

Common Criminal Charges in Greeley

At Martin & Reed, we understand that every individual facing criminal charges has their individual story to tell and deserves not only to be heard but to have their rights and best interests defended through every step of the criminal justice process. Some common criminal charges in Greeley and the surrounding Colorado communities include:

Every defendant deserves a strong defense, regardless of the seriousness of the crime. At Martin & Reed, we defend the rights of anyone facing charges in Colorado from petty theft or possession charges to assault and murder allegations. No matter the nature of the crime, we believe our justice system only works because every person is entitled to legal counsel protecting their rights and interests.

Common Criminal Defenses in Greeley

There are many valid defenses against criminal charges before a case even begins, such as arguing that law enforcement violated a defendant’s constitutional rights when gathering evidence in the case, that law enforcement used entrapment, that the statute of limitations has expired, or that the prosecution’s case has insurmountable holes. Sometimes these effective arguments may result in a dismissal. Other cases go on to trial with a criminal defense attorney using an affirmative defense such as:

Your Greeley criminal defense attorney understands how to investigate all aspects of your case in order to determine the appropriate defense and then strategize the most effective and impactful way to move forward with that defense.

Can a Criminal Defense Attorney in Greeley Have Charges Reduced?

A skilled Greeley criminal defense attorney may also argue for reduced charges in cases where it’s possible to lower a charge from a felony to a misdemeanor crime carrying lesser penalties. When an attorney employs these strategies effectively, they can sometimes show that felony charges aren’t accurate according to the facts of the case. While misdemeanors are punishable in Colorado by no more than 364 days in the county jail of the jurisdiction, a felony charge conviction carries a minimum of one year in federal prison and up to a maximum life sentence.

In other circumstances, the defense could work toward negotiating a plea bargain in which a defendant is held to account for a portion of the charges in exchange for a lesser sentence to satisfy both sides.

Your criminal defense attorney will always advocate for your best interests in the most effective way possible in your case.

What Are the Goals of A Greeley Criminal Defense Lawyer?

The right criminal defense lawyer has other goals, too. Here at Martin & Reed, LLC, we’re not just concerned with your criminal charges. While working to provide the best possible treatment and outcome during this time is a short-term goal, it’s not our only motivation when we talk with you about your case.

We’re also motivated by a long-term goal: your future. Your future depends on what happens with your current charges. However, if you have prior charges or if you are charged in the future, those can affect your future, too. So, working with a skilled Greeley criminal defense attorney as soon as possible is crucial to your future. Criminal convictions can make it more difficult for you to find a good job or find appropriate housing. You can also lose valuable rights, such as your right to own a firearm.

Did You Know?

If you’ve been charged with a crime in Greeley or the surrounding region, it’s always best to have a lawyer present even at your very first appearance, when the court presents the charges against you, determines bail, and questions plans for your legal counsel. Most individuals aren’t familiar with the system of rules and procedures involved in criminal court where they’ll be expected to follow unfamiliar protocols. Studies show the importance of a strong defense from the very beginning of the process. Defendants with an attorney present at the first appearance are:

A strong defense lawyer immediately working on defending your rights, interviewing witnesses, working with private criminal investigators, and performing diligent background research into every aspect of your case is the best way to be proactive in your own defense.

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