When does a parenting plan need changes?


Adapting to divorce and the parenting plan that follows can be a significant challenge for everyone in the family. It may take months or years for everyone to adjust to the new version of normal for the family. In some cases, changes mean it is time to revisit the parenting plan and make changes. While…

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Untangling the myth of the 50/50 custody split in divorce


When parents face custody battles, they may assume they will automatically share joint custody equally with the other parent. Because Colorado courts prioritize the child’s best interests, the court may not always grant parents a 50/50 split in custody. The effects of a divorce can have many negative consequences on a child, which is why courts…

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What to wear for child custody litigation


When you file for divorce in a Colorado court and you happen to be a parent, there will be numerous issues that you and your spouse must resolve before you can go your separate ways. If you disagree about child custody, the family court judge overseeing your case can make decisions on your behalf. In…

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How to pay child support in Colorado


Getting a divorce or separating from a partner with whom you share children can prove difficult in several ways. The child support aspect of it alone may prove more challenging to navigate than you might think. If you’re on the payor side of a child support order, you may think you can just write your…

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Resolving conflict in a child custody case


No one can predict which Colorado marriages will end in divorce. Perhaps you suspected for months that your own marriage was headed that way before filing the papers. Or maybe your spouse caught you off guard by informing you that he or she was filing for divorce. No matter which of you filed the petition,…

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