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You don't actually know how drunk you are

If you talk to people about drunk driving, you'll hear a common refrain: "I'd never get behind the wheel if I was too drunk to drive."

There's a problem here, however. The idea is good, but it's based on the premise that you can take stock of how drunk you are when you leave the bar, the party or just your house. You can then decide if it's safe to drive or not. If it's not, you can find another ride.

A criminal record can keep you out of the workforce

You did well in high school and got into a great college. You worked hard and earned your degree. You did an unpaid internship along the way, getting your foot in the door with a local company, and then they gave you a job after graduation. Within a year, you already had your first promotion and a raise.

And then, you got arrested.

Questions about buying your own home during divorce

At the end of your marriage, as you and your spouse file for divorce, you decide that you want to keep the house. You really love it and want to keep living there after the divorce. You also want it to be a safe haven for the kids, so that they do not feel like the divorce drastically changed their lives.

If you want to do this, ask yourself the following questions:

Can you trick a breath test?

You get pulled over, and you know you've been drinking. As you sit in your car, waiting for the officer to come up to the window, you know there's a good chance they're going to give you a breath test. You might get to leave without one, but you were swerving a bit in the road and you're worried that the officer already suspects you're intoxicated.

What you start wondering is if you can beat the test itself. After all, if you can trick it into clearing you or at least coming back with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) that is under the legal limit of 0.08 percent, you think you can get out of it.

4 reasons teenagers break the law

Teenagers who get into legal trouble may face charges and ramification that can last for years -- or even the rest of their lives. They may not fully understand the seriousness of their actions in advance. But it does not matter if they regret it when they reach their 30s if those charges are already on their record.

To understand why this happens, take a look at these four reasons that teenagers break the law:

Watch out for these subtle red flags that divorce is coming

Divorce typically does not happen overnight. If you're looking for signs, you can spot a number of red flags well in advance. These flags could mean that your relationship is slowly unraveling. If that trajectory holds, it can lead to a divorce in the end.

Since planning ahead is so crucial with a divorce, it is wise to look for these red flags as far in advance as possible. Your spouse may be mulling over a divorce, and you can start getting things in order legally and financially. You can get ready to move forward. You can prepare.

Do Denver Broncos games lead to more drunk driving?

It's no secret that people like to drink when they go to Denver Broncos football games. You can buy beer in the stands without ever leaving your seat. Alcohol advertisements show up everywhere around a game. While drinking in the stadium may get expensive, people still do it.

At the same time, a lot of drinking happens around the games. Fans come to tailgate before kickoff and drink outside. Others go to local bars to drink and watch the game even when they do not have tickets. It feels like every weekend with a home game is basically a holiday, and people definitely enjoy it.

Critical parenting tips for divorced parents

Parenting children after divorce takes care and dedication. The marriage has ended, but you and your ex still have to put in the work to raise your kids. In many cases, this can actually feel like far more work than if you stayed married. As a divorced couple, you have to figure out custody schedules, parenting plans, health care decisions and much more.

Many parents who choose to end their marriages worry about the impact it will have on the kids. The good news is that dedicated parents can help children grow and adjust to this new situation. It does not have to be negative for them. To put their best interests and their needs first, use these tips:

Is it fraud if you don't follow the tax code?

Every time you need to do your taxes, you feel quite nervous. You double-check the paperwork. You use the Internet to find tips and assistance. You feel conscious of the fact that you never took a tax class or prepared to do this on your own, even though that is exactly what the IRS expects you to do.

Why are you so nervous? Certainly, it is not because you worry about paying too much or too little in taxes from a financial standpoint. Your finances are secure. The reason you feel on edge is that you worry that making a mistake will send the IRS to your door, asking to see your paperwork and accusing you of tax fraud.

Working through difficulties to create a parenting plan

Your parenting plan is the blueprint for the custody of your children post-divorce. It is where you turn if you have questions about which parent is responsible for what or which days the child will be with which parent. In most cases, parents work together to devise a plan that is tailored to their children's unique situations.

Having to work closely with your ex may be challenging. After all, you didn't split up because the two of you got along swimmingly. Still, it is important that you try to put your differences aside to work out the details of the parenting plan. Doing this now can set the tone for the future of the parenting relationship.

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