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Colorado has two main drunk driving charges: DUI (driving under the influence of alcohol and/ or drugs) and DWAI (driving while ability impaired from alcohol and/ or drugs). Both are quite serious, particularly if this is not your first offense. You stand to lose your driving privileges, a lot of money and your freedom.

Don’t put your rights at stake. Contact Martin & Reed, LLC, and speak with a Colorado DUI defense attorney about challenging your breathalyzer and blood test results. You can reach us by calling (970) 573-5187 or completing our contact form to schedule your free consultation.

Our Experience With Colorado DUI Cases

At Martin & Reed, LLC, we believe that everyone facing charges of driving under the influence deserves a committed, aggressive defense at an affordable rate. Our Colorado DUI defense lawyers have a strong track record of success defending clients against accusations of DUI and related driving offenses.

We have handled more than 100 jury trials and more than 1,000 DUI cases in Colorado.

The Importance Of Rapid Legal Response in Colorado

Getting in touch with a Colorado DUI defense attorney immediately does two things: It gives your lawyer a chance to be involved early so he can better protect your rights, and it will keep you from saying to wrong things to police. Instead of talking, call Martin & Reed, LLC, and let our Colorado criminal defense attorneys handle it.

Representing Defendants In All Colorado DUI Cases

Our criminal defense attorneys represent individuals from across Northern Colorado, on every type of DUI and DWAI defense, including:

In the state of Colorado, you may be eligible for a reduction in your sentence if you attend an alcohol treatment program, reduced fines and faster return of your driver’s license.

Why Choose Our Colorado Law Firm?

Choosing the best Greeley DUI defense lawyer for your case can be difficult, and it is important to find a Colorado DUI defense attorney who meets your needs. At Martin & Reed, LLC, our legal team strives to provide exceptional service and aggressive representation at a reasonable rate to clients in Greeley, Fort Collins, and throughout Northern Colorado.

We explore every possible way to fight the charges against you and help you get the best possible result in your case — whether it’s negotiating a plea agreement to avoid jail time or aggressively trying the case in court.

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