DUI issues you may not have considered


Getting a DUI in Colorado is no joke. You may have to go to classes or a DUI program. You may lose your license. You may have to pay fines and fees. You could spend time behind bars. At the very least, you will get arrested the night that the police stop you for driving under the influence.

These are all of the ramifications that people traditionally think of when considering drunk driving. However, even these things do not go far enough. Here are a few more ways a DUI could impact your life that you may not have considered before:

1. You could lose your job

Does your company have a policy saying they can fire you for any criminal convictions? Some do. Even if they don’t, what do you expect them to do if you miss time at work? You could miss shifts while you are in jail or because you can’t drive to work even after you get out. That may be plenty for your employer to replace you.

For some workers, it is even more dire because they can’t keep a professional license after a DUI. Maybe you are a truck driver or a limo driver. Would a DUI arrest make it completely impossible to work? If it’s a repeat offense, are you never going to be able to work in that industry again? This is life-changing.

2. You may not be able to get a life insurance policy

You may be surprised to learn that life insurance policies often take DUI arrests into account. Some companies won’t sell you one at all. Others will sell you a policy, but you pay a lot more for it. If you want the policy for your family, you could essentially be paying for that DUI for years to come.

3. Your car insurance could go up

Speaking of long-term ways that you pay for a DUI, your car insurance costs will almost certainly go up after an arrest. If you caused an accident, they could go up even more. Just paying the fines and fees does not mean you stop paying for that incident.

Moving forward

What all of this meana is that you need to know how to move forward after an arrest. Think of what is at stake here. Think about how your life and your future could change if you get convicted. Though DUI arrests are common, do not make the mistake of thinking that it will be easy to get through.

As such, you need to know what legal options you have. The key to a successful future is to carefully explore every potential option to seek the best possible outcome.