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Breathalyzers: Why they're not foolproof

You went out to dinner with some friends, and you had a few drinks. You didn't think much of it, since you only had a few and were there for several hours. You got behind the wheel of your vehicle and started heading home when a police officer comes up behind you and pulls you over.

You had gone over the center line, likely when you were trying to change the radio station. The officer says he'd like to give you a breathalyzer test because he can smell alcohol on your breath. You agree, because you know you won't be over the limit.

Follow these tips when asking your husband for a divorce

As unfortunate as it may be, there may come a time when you realize that divorce is the only way to better your life. If you find yourself in this position, you know how difficult it can be to move forward with the process.

Asking your husband for a divorce can be one of the most troubling things you ever do. This is even more so the case if the person doesn't see it coming.

A DUI conviction can haunt you for years

Colorado has steep penalties for those convicted of, or who plead guilty to, a driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while ability impaired (DWAI) offense. If you're facing charges because of an alleged DUI or DWAI, you need the help of an experienced Colorado criminal defense attorney. The sooner you speak with an attorney, the better. Ideally, you won't speak to law enforcement at all after your initial arrest until your attorney is present. Your attorney can review what happened and then provide you with guidance about your next step forward.

It's possible a medical condition contributed to your DUI charge. It's also possible that there were issues with the performance of the field sobriety test or the maintenance of the breath testing unit. Whatever the circumstances, your best possible outcome is usually in the hands of an experienced criminal defense attorney who understands DUI laws.

Hard-working business pros benefit from divorce mediation

Are you the type of person who spends a lot of time at work? Does the same hold true for your spouse?

If you find yourselves in this position when faced with divorce, you know one thing to be true - you don't have a lot of time to spend on the process. Even so, you don't want to make rash decisions that could work against you now and in the future.

3 things you should know about child custody in Colorado

Now that you and your husband have decided to divorce, it is time to start thinking about how the two of you will handle the custody of your two sons. Divorce, in general, is a very complicated and emotional process, but when children are involved it is even more so.

You will have to make decisions concerning physical custody and visitation. Alternatively, you may decide that full joint custody and a strong co-parenting plan. Regardless of the direction you and your husband choose to take, it is important to understand basic Colorado child custody laws. A local family law attorney can advise you of your rights and options during the divorce process.

Charges are always worth fighting, even the small ones

Being charged with a crime is always a matter to be taken seriously, but most people don't have a good handle on what distinguishes the various kinds of charges. Many of us will experience some sort of criminal charge in our lifetime, even if it is only a relatively small infraction.

No matter what charges you or a loved one may be facing, the representation of an experienced attorney is almost always likely to yield a more desirable result than doing nothing to fight to fight the charges, even for seemingly minor matters like traffic violations.

If the police come to your house, how should you respond?

Seeing a police officer waiting at the front door of your home can be very unsettling, to say the least. No matter their reason for being there, they often make people uneasy without meaning to. Their presence could scare or intimidate someone into doing almost anything they're asked, just to avoid further trouble. They might be talking to people about a neighborhood crime or warning you about an unsafe condition nearby.

Then again, they may be acting on a neighbor's request because you're having a party and are causing a noise disturbance, or they may be at your house for suspected criminal activity. The police officers knock, and ask to talk with you. What should you do? 

Can a DUI conviction get me fired?

The second you're arrested with a DUI, your mind starts racing, thinking of all the possible implications if you're convicted. Your spouse will no doubt be furious, your kids will be embarrassed, you might lose your license and your car...but what about your job? They can't take away your job just for this, can they? No, you think. No way.

But you're wrong. If you're convicted of a DUI, your employer has different reasons to let you go-and all of them legal. Most employment is known as "at-will," which means an employer can fire you for almost any reason, as long as it's not discriminatory or retaliatory. Even if it's just an arrest, you're likely to face these types of problems at work:

How is a house split in two during a divorce?

Sometimes it's the very last thing that divorcing couples settle between them: who stays in the house, and who moves out. Whether children are involved or not, both spouses may want the house, since it's such a valuable asset. In other cases, one spouse can't wait to leave the house and all of its memories and associations behind. However you feel, there's no denying this is a big decision to get past. Once you do, it's time to set emotion aside and get practical about the financial side. Here are three possible scenarios.

  • If you both want to move out and sell the house you'll need to agree on the terms and schedule: how much will you list it for? Who's responsible for arranging or accepting showings for the home with a realtor? When it does sell, who gets how much? Factor in who paid what at the time you bought the house and how much each spouse has been contributing to the monthly payments. Don't forget all the pesky details that normally accompany a real estate transaction: taxes, closing costs, inspections, realtors' fees and so on.

Common Mistakes When Pulled Over on Suspicion of DUI/DWAI

It was a great day on the snow with friends and you had a couple of beers or some marijuana to celebrate how you all crushed it up on the slopes. It's now dark and you are heading home. Unfortunately, you didn't notice that broken taillight as you loaded your gear, but the police did.

Colorado drivers may feel like they are guilty as soon as they see the red flashing lights in their rear view mirror. This may particularly be true if the driver has had a drink or two or enjoyed some marijuana with friends earlier in the day. The key, however, is to remember that drivers are innocent until proven guilty. While a great day has turned into a not-so-great night, there was no accident or injury and you have not been previously convicted of a DUI or the lesser DWAI (driving while ability impaired). These factors work in your favor, but there are some other things you can do to help yourself as well.

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