What Are the Penalties for Crimes of Violence in Colorado?


Facing any criminal charge in Colorado is serious, but a charge of a crime of violence is especially grave, with very serious life-long consequences. While a presiding judge has options for penalties for other felony convictions—including choosing community corrections or probation over incarceration—a conviction for a violent crime comes with stiff mandatory penalties. Judges have…

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Can I Get a DUI for Being Under the Influence of Medical Marijuana?


Public and medical opinions on the legalized use of cannabis have changed dramatically in the last decade. Data from the American Medical Association finds that two-thirds of Americans are in favor of legalizing marijuana for adult use and even greater numbers approve of its medical use. Patients with qualifying medical conditions in Colorado may gain a registry…

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What are the Legal Consequences of a Bar Fight?


The mix of alcoholic beverages, rowdy music, and lively conversation makes an evening in a bar or club a lot of fun. Unfortunately, alcohol also loosens inhibitions, and that doesn’t always work to our benefit. Sometimes there are things we regret the day after a night out, but waking up in jail the morning after…

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What to Know about a First Time DUI Offense in Colorado


Colorado takes drinking and driving very seriously. Driving while intoxicated risks lives and leaves the driver liable for damages in an accident. If you’ve been arrested on a DUI charge for the first time, you’re probably ashamed and embarrassed, as well as worried about what to expect and how this will impact your immediate future…

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Colorado Public Intoxication Laws


We all enjoy an occasional good time out with friends and a few drinks, but when does a good time cross the line into public intoxication, and how do Colorado laws address this issue? Whether you live in Colorado or plan a visit to the Rocky Mountain State, you may wish to have a clear…

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