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How Colorado deals with repeat DUI offenders


While it might seem like a drunk driving conviction is a life-changing event, many individuals find themselves facing the criminal justice system subsequent times. Based on numerous factors, Colorado penalties for repeat DUI charges carry significant consequences. People who are stopped on suspicion of driving under the influence a second time face strict penalties. Should…

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Colorado DUI checkpoints: some background information


There’s no question that a Colorado state trooper or police officer can order your vehicle to the side of the road if you are weaving precipitously across lanes, right? Ditto that if you’re speeding, dangerously tailgating or driving in some other erratic fashion. A law enforcer spotting any of those behaviors might justify a stop…

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Do I have to submit to field sobriety testing?


Picture it. You are out driving around town when a police officer pulls you over. The officer asks you to step out of your vehicle and participate in field sobriety testing. What do you do? In the state of Colorado, you actually have a choice here. You do not have to comply with an officer’s…

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What to wear for child custody litigation

When you file for divorce in a Colorado court and you happen to be a parent, there will be numerous issues that you and your spouse must resolve before you can go your separate ways. If you disagree about child custody, the family court judge overseeing your case can make decisions on your behalf. In…

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Divorce can easily lead to the accumulation of debt


Money is one of the biggest things married couples in Colorado and elsewhere fight about. To avoid these arguments, some couples stop talking about finances altogether. If the marriage ends up falling apart, this can have disastrous consequences for the spouse one didn’t keep in the loop. The reality of the situation is that divorce can easily lead to…

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