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DUI, DWI, DWAI — how are they different?


In Colorado, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is a serious criminal offense. Police do not care if you are only slightly impaired; if you give them any reason to believe you are driving while intoxicated, you could be arrested and charged with either a DUI, DWI or DWAI. What is the difference…

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How do police officers perform a field sobriety test?


In order to arrest you for suspected impaired driving, officers need to have some sort of evidence of potential chemical intoxication. During a traffic stop where officers suspect someone of driving under the influence (DUI) because of erratic driving behavior, the officers need to interact with the driver to determine if they have probable cause…

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Study finds breath tests unreliable


There are two basic types of breath tests that the police use: portable breath tests, which don’t often get used in court as evidence, and Breathalyzers, which operate at the police station and usually do get used as evidence. Either way, the goal of the device is to determine what your Blood Alcohol Concentration looks…

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DUI issues you may not have considered


Getting a DUI in Colorado is no joke. You may have to go to classes or a DUI program. You may lose your license. You may have to pay fines and fees. You could spend time behind bars. At the very least, you will get arrested the night that the police stop you for driving…

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