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If you’ve been accused of or charged with a DUID, this means officers believe you were Driving while Under the Influence of Drugs. In Colorado, it is legal to possess and consume limited amounts of marijuana. However, it is against the law to drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Driving Under the Influence Allegations in Fort Collins Are Serious

Allegations of driving while under the influence of drugs has been on the rise in Fort Collins during the past few decades. Allegations of drugs, such as marijuana and opioids, being used on the road are prevalent. These drugs cause a different reaction in drivers than alcohol and can be more difficult for law enforcement to detect whether a driver is under the influence. Drugged driving can cause deadly accidents. Many states, including Colorado, have enacted laws to combat this issue.

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What If You Took a Prescription?

Unfortunately, there are a lot of drugs that impair your ability to drive. Colorado lawmakers passed a law making it illegal to drive if you are impaired by drugs, even if the drugs are legal.

Driving and Marijuana

While it’s legal to possess limited amounts of marijuana, it’s illegal to drive while under the influence of marijuana. Colorado has no specific limit for Driving Under the Influence of marijuana. However, a jury may presume that you were driving under the influence if a blood test showed 5 nanograms or more of delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) per ml in your blood at the time you were driving.

Medical marijuana cards cannot be used as probable cause to compel you to take a blood test for drugs. It cannot be used as evidence against you to convict you of a DUID. However, even medical marijuana is not exempt from the total ban against driving while under the influence of drugs.

What Are the Penalties for DUID in Colorado?

One of the most common penalties for a DUID is the loss of your driver’s license. Other penalties for a first offense include:

Starting Your Defense for DUID with Martin & Reed, LLC

It can be scary to be questioned on or charged with drug offenses, and it can have a huge impact on your future. That’s why it’s so important to call Martin & Reed, LLC, as soon as it happens. Before you speak to a lawyer, the State may offer a plea deal. Do not accept this or any other offers from them until you’ve spoken to a Martin & Reed, LLC, DUID defense attorney.

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