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In Colorado, over 500 juveniles are charged with a crime each year. Yet, the brain doesn’t finish fully developing until a person is in their 20s. So, if your child is charged with a juvenile crime, the criminal defense attorneys at Martin & Reed, LLC, is here to help. Schedule your free consultation with a Fort Collins juvenile crime attorney from our law firm by calling (970) 573-5187 or completing our contact form.

Who Is Considered a Juvenile in Fort Collins?

In Fort Collins and the rest of Colorado, a juvenile is someone who is under 18 years of age. Colorado has a separate court that is used for juvenile crimes. However, when juveniles 12 or older commit certain crimes, they receive a transfer hearing. This transfer hearing determines whether the juvenile may be treated as an adult and transferred to the adult court system instead of being treated as a juvenile.

This is important because the juvenile system focuses more on rehabilitation, intensive counseling, education, and guidance, while the adult court system was initially designed to rehabilitate offenders. It’s certainly no place for juveniles. We also know that the recidivism rate for adults is much higher for those who have served time in the adult system.

What Is the Youngest Age a Child Can Be Charged with a Crime in Colorado?

In Colorado, the youngest age at which a child can be charged with a crime is 10 years old – that’s the age of an average fifth grader. The State of Colorado considers a 10-year-old to be criminally responsible. It’s crucial that your child have proper legal representation if they are charged with a juvenile crime because the leaders of the State created laws that charge children as young as 10 years old with crimes.

The juvenile crime defense lawyers at Martin & Reed, LLC, takes the defense of children seriously. You don’t want your child taken out of your home and possibly even tried in the adult system. If your child is charged with a juvenile crime in Fort Collins or the surrounding areas, schedule your free consultation with a criminal defense lawyer at Martin & Reed, LLC, immediately.

What Are the Most Common Juvenile Crimes in Fort Collins?

Common juvenile crimes in Fort Collins, as well as other areas of Colorado, include:

While these may be the most common, the more severe a juvenile crime is, the more severe the penalty may be.

How Martin & Reed, LLC, Helps Juvenile Crime Cases in Fort Collins

The most serious crimes, such as allegations of serious assault and homicide, often include a transfer hearing for adult court. If this occurs, children are not prepared for the consequences that may come with the penalty. Here at Martin & Reed, LLC, the Fort Collins juvenile crime attorneys are fully prepared to defend juveniles facing adult charges.

If your child is facing a juvenile crime charge, don’t wait. Schedule your free consultation with a Fort Collins juvenile crime defense attorney at Martin & Reed, LLC, now. Get your child the representation they deserve.