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If you’re under investigation for or being charged with theft or property crimes in Fort Collins or the surrounding areas, get the experienced legal defense team that you need. The Fort Collins theft and property crime defense attorneys at Martin & Reed, LLC, have the knowledge of the State laws that you need to get the best possible outcome. Schedule your free consultation now by calling (970) 573-5187 or completing our contact form.

Were You Charged with Burglary in Fort Collins?

Since the pandemic, theft and burglary rates have risen exponentially in Fort Collins, as well as across all of Colorado. In Colorado, burglary is a much broader legal concept than you might think. There are also three degrees of burglary. The degree of burglary you’re charged with can impact the penalties you face, as can whether you partner with the right Fort Collins criminal defense attorney.

If you’re found in possession of burglary tools, that’s a class 5 felony. You could face up to three years behind bars and be ordered to pay up to $100,000 on top of any other charge you face.

Burglary can be a complex crime with defenses that rely on the facts surrounding your case, and you shouldn’t have to go through the process alone. Schedule your free defense consultation with a Fort Collins theft defense attorney from Martin & Reed, LLC, now.

5 Common Property Offenses in Fort Collins

Other than burglary, there are other common property offenses in Fort Collins. In fact, there were over 3,700 Fort Collins property offense crimes in 2019. Here are five common property offenses:

  1. Theft: If one person is purposefully deprived of their property by another person, that is theft. Theft can also be broken down into other crimes. For example, larceny is a form of theft.
  2. Robbery: When one person takes another person’s money or property with force or the threat of force, robbery has occurred.
  3. Home invasion: This occurs when someone makes unlawful entry into a home that is occupied. The person making the unlawful entry is armed and the person at home must be lawfully present within the home.
  4. Trespassing: When someone enters another person’s property without permission or without lawful authority to do so, this is trespassing. In Colorado, it must be proven there is some amount of damage or interference with the property to press trespassing charges.
  5. Vandalism: This is willful damage or defacing of property. The property can be public or private.

Although some of these property offenses are not as serious as others, they may also be combined with drug or weapons charges. If you have pre-existing criminal convictions, additional charges can complicate your life. It is in your best interest to speak to a Fort Collins property crime defense lawyers from our law firm about your criminal case.

How Martin & Reed, LLC, Can Help With Your Fort Collins Theft Charge

You don’t have to face theft and property offenses alone. An experienced Fort Collins defense attorney from Martin & Reed, LLC, is ready to help you with your criminal case. Schedule your free consultation now.