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Regardless of whether it’s a misdemeanor or a felony, getting investigated for or being charged with a crime in Larimer County can be serious. You need to get an early start on your defense strategy, including knowing whether you should talk to the police on your own. Hiring the right criminal defense attorney matters, schedule your free consultation with Martin & Reed, LLC, to discuss the facts surrounding your case.

Why Start Early on Your Defense Strategy?

It doesn’t matter what the crime is that you’re being investigated or charged with, the sooner you begin working with your defense attorney, the better off you are. Remember that the job of the police and their investigators is to get evidence so that they can charge someone. Then, the State takes over. Even if you don’t hear from the police, investigators, or the prosecutor, you should know that if you’re being investigated, they’re always working. A criminal defense attorney can help you by guiding you on how to interact with the State and being with you any time you are questioned.

And what if you’ve been charged with a crime? Your defense strategy needs to be planned immediately. Call Martin & Reed, LLC, immediately. While there are some defense strategies that may be readily available, depending on the crime you’re charged with, most defense strategies and mitigating factors will depend on the facts of your situation.

The earlier you start on your defense strategy, the easier it may be to find the right strategies along with the possibilities of working to reduce or dismiss the charges. Schedule your free consultation with Martin & Reed, LLC, today.

Should You Talk to the Police Alone?

Some people who are facing criminal investigation or who are being charged for the first time may think they have nothing to fear and that it’s okay for them to talk to the police alone. If that’s you, the truth is this: police officers and investigators (among others) are legally allowed to lie to you. Their goal is to trick you. You could end up giving them information they may not have, information that could make you look guilty, or they could trick you into a false confession. So, it is not safe to talk to them on your own. Instead, you should say:

Then, call Martin & Reed, LLC, to schedule your free consultation. We’re here to help you.

Martin & Reed, LLC: Experienced Larimer County Criminal Defense Attorneys

It’s important to choose an experienced Larimer County defense attorney to represent you. Getting charged and convicted of a crime can change your life. It’s not just the legal penalties. You’re also risking your future because a charge could make it harder to find a job or housing. Some criminal convictions could mean you lose custody of your children. Fight for your future. Schedule your free consultation with Martin & Reed, LLC.