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As experienced criminal defense attorneys in Weld County, building and executing successful defense strategies is something we do each day. It’s something that we’re passionate about, and passion matters. We believe it makes us better defense attorneys. If you’re charged with a criminal offense in Weld County, schedule your free consultation with Martin & Reed, LLC, right away.

Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney in Weld County Is Important

Hiring a criminal defense attorney is important because it gives you an ally. Your criminal defense attorneys at Martin & Reed, LLC, spend time listening to you, fully investigating all of the matters that could affect your case, and more.

Anyone who is charged with a crime is entitled to an attorney. State defenders are a wonderful tool in our justice system for those who truly need them. Yet, because they are at the mercy of the government’s budget and because they have a Constitutional obligation to fulfill, the attorneys do not always get to spend the necessary time with each client to develop an excellent strategy.

Your criminal defense attorney is also with you any time you’re questioned by law enforcement, investigators, or prosecutors. We’re here to help make sure that they can’t hurt your case by asking you confusing questions. We also communicate with them on your behalf.

Keep in mind that while you’re currently thinking about the criminal charge at hand, the real concern is your future. To protect your future, partner with a defense attorney who can devote the proper time to your case to help get you the best possible outcome.

The Types of Penalties You May Face If You’re Charged with a Crime

If you’re facing your first criminal charge, you may not know what to expect. The truth is that the penalty (or even penalties because many charges, even misdemeanors, can include more than one penalty) depends on the crime and the class. It may also depend on someone’s past criminal history (if they have one) along with any aggravating or mitigating factors. Some of the penalties you could face may include one or a combination of the following:

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Here at Martin & Reed, LLC, we believe each case deserves the proper time and the proper defense. We want to help each client protect their future. Let our Weld County criminal defense attorneys get the best possible outcome for your case. Schedule your free consultation now.