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First criminal charges can be scary, but that doesn’t mean that subsequent ones are a walk in the park. Those who face criminal charges with priors recognize that the stakes are high. If you or someone you love are facing a criminal charge in Loveland County, schedule your free consultation with the attorneys at Martin & Reed, LLC, Loveland County office. Our criminal defense attorneys are ready to hear from you.

What Is Criminal Defense? And Why Does It Matter?

Criminal defense is a broad area of law that encompasses the legal defense of various crimes. These crimes can happen at the municipal level, the State level, or the federal level. An example of a municipal crime is a speeding ticket, often issued by city or town law enforcement. Of course, on the highway, it could be issued by the highway patrol. Crimes are broken down into misdemeanors and felonies, with felonies being the most serious.

Criminal defense matters because the US Constitution provides each of us with certain rights, such as the right to trial. Supreme Court law provided the Sixth Amendment with a broader reach and gave us all the right to a criminal attorney if we are charged with a crime and cannot afford an attorney. Having an experienced lawyer in your corner can make all of the difference if you’re charged with a crime, regardless of whether it’s your first crime or if you have priors.

Aggressive Representation for Those Accused of Crimes in Loveland County

If you are charged with a crime, aggressive representation that is devoted to you is key to getting the best possible outcome. While public defenders play an important role in our society, they’re very overworked and get very little time with each client. Here at the Loveland County office of Martin & Reed, LLC, our criminal defense attorneys provide aggressive and committed representation for our clients, regardless of the severity of the crime. Our lawyers are experienced in several areas of criminal defense, including:

Ways Martin & Reed, LLC, Work to Develop a Defense Strategy for Each Client

All criminal charges need the right defense strategy. The strategy depends on the factors involving each client’s circumstances. There are several steps we take to ensure that we’re developing the proper defenses for each client:

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It’s your future. The best way to protect it is by starting your criminal defense strategy early. Our Loveland County criminal defense attorneys are here to help you with your charges and answer your questions. Schedule your free consultation with us today.