How to pay child support in Colorado

Getting a divorce or separating from a partner with whom you share children can prove difficult in several ways. The child support aspect of it alone may prove more challenging to navigate than you might think. If you’re on the payor side of a child support order, you may think you can just write your…

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Do I have to submit to a Breathalyzer test?


You’re driving around town when all of a sudden you see lights flashing behind you. An officer is pulling you over. As you move to the shoulder, thoughts of what you might have done wrong are zooming through your head. The officer comes to your window, asks you a few questions, then asks you to…

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Resolving conflict in a child custody case

No one can predict which Colorado marriages will end in divorce. Perhaps you suspected for months that your own marriage was headed that way before filing the papers. Or maybe your spouse caught you off guard by informing you that he or she was filing for divorce. No matter which of you filed the petition,…

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Ready to divorce? Keep your kids out of the line of fire


Ending a marriage is hard. It takes years to build a relationship and family; it can take time to dismantle it. For many couples in Colorado, the divorce process is full of conflict, and, unfortunately, that conflict can negatively impact children. If you are ready to go through the divorce process, experts suggest you do…

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