Eyewitnesses are unreliable

After an arrest, you find yourself heading to court. The prosecution claims to have eyewitnesses from the scene of the crime. These witnesses say they saw you there and they think they can put you away for the alleged illegal activity. You know that the jury often listens to eyewitnesses, especially when they are impartial….

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How aggressive should you be in your divorce?


You and your spouse decide to get divorced. It’s not a good scene. Things have been going south for some time, but you’re really on bad terms now that you have decided to end your marriage. You worry that your spouse is going to try to “win” the divorce out of spite. Maybe they’ll try…

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Marriage myths that can lead to divorce


A lot of divorce cases stem from the basic fact that someone’s expectations did not get met in the marriage. At times, this is the fault of their spouse, but the reality is that many issues come from unrealistic expectations based on marriage myths. People believe something about marriage that is not true, and then,…

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