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Colorado laws are very strict and clear-cut on domestic violence. When the police are called to the scene of a domestic disturbance, someone is going to jail. The police cannot always determine who the victim is, so sometimes they arrest both parties. When you are arrested on suspicion of domestic violence, your first call should be to the Greeley domestic violence attorneys of Martin & Reed, LLC. Call (970) 573-5187 or complete our contact form – the first consultation is free.

Greeley Domestic Violence Defense Resources:

What Is Considered Domestic Violence in Greeley?

Domestic violence is defined as any act of violence perpetrated against another person in which you currently have, or previously have had, a romantic relationship, and spans all relationship types, including:

This violence includes stalking, harassment, physical violence, and even threats. Domestic violence is also known as intimate partner violence. No matter which name you use to refer to it, these crimes are serious and come with serious consequences.

Greeley Domestic Violence Charges

The Greeley domestic violence defense attorneys at Martin & Reed, LLC, are skilled at defending their clients, even when they are facing the difficult fight that domestic violence charges can be. Some examples of domestic violence charges that we can help with include:

These charges can have a lasting impact on your life. If you are convicted, you can face fines or imprisonment.

Due to the nature of these arrests, sometimes the victim can be seen as the aggressor and must fight to prove their innocence. Having a skilled attorney who knows how to fight for their client can make a huge difference. The experienced Greeley criminal defense lawyers at Martin & Reed, LLC, are proud to help our clients build strong defense cases. We fight to help you.

When Can You Be Charged With Domestic Violence?

Domestic violence isn’t a separate charge in Colorado; instead, it’s an enhancement to another charge, typically an assault, but not always. Colorado law enforcement may add the domestic violence enhancement to other charges, including purposeful property damage. For example, smashing the windows of a car results in a charge of criminal mischief. If the car belongs to an ex-spouse or partner, law enforcement may add the domestic violence enhancement.

While the majority of domestic violence charges occur as an enhancement to an alleged assault, it isn’t always paired with an act of violence. Cyberstalking, blackmail, and harassment are also forms of domestic violence when they occur against a past or current intimate partner.

 What about False Accusations in Domestic Violence Cases?

Domestic violence can sometimes be a case of he-said, she-said. These types of crimes can be volatile, and confusing at the moment the police arrive on the scene. False accusations can easily be levied against one of the parties. When you are falsely accused of such a serious criminal charge, hiring a skilled Greeley domestic violence attorney who will passionately defend you can be the difference between being convicted or exonerated. If you find yourself falsely accused of domestic violence in the Greeley area, contact the criminal defense attorneys at Martin & Reed, LLC, and let us fight for you.

Violations of Greeley Protective Orders

A violation of a protective order is a serious crime. These orders are put in place to help protect the victim from further violence being perpetrated against them. These orders prevent the aggressor from contacting the victim in any way, including electronically, by text, or in person.

Charges stemming from violations of protective orders can result in fines or imprisonment. Contact Martin & Reed, LLC, for a free consultation with a knowledgeable Greeley domestic violence defense lawyer to help answer any questions that you have stemming from accusations of, or violations of, violating a protective order.

Greeley Stalking Charges

Stalking is engaging in a course of conduct directed at a specific person that would give them a reason to fear for their safety, the safety of others, or causes substantial emotional duress. Stalking can be perpetrated online or in person or by showing up at their place of business, school, or home.

To file charges for stalking, the prosecution must have substantial evidence, including witness testimony. Even with the evidence provided, the Greeley domestic violence defense attorneys at Martin & Reed, LLC, can help build a solid defense and will fight for you.

Threats and Aggressive Behavior in Greeley

When involved in a relationship, and even after the relationship ends, threats can go from simple charges to domestic violence charges. This form of domestic violence can be as simple as making threats verbally or in digital media form, or other acts of violence such as aggressively approaching a romantic partner. All these actions, and more, can result in domestic violence charges being filed against you. Even if charges based on threatening behavior can impact your life, the Greeley criminal defense lawyers at Martin & Reed, LLC, can help.

What are the Penalties for a Domestic Violence Conviction?

A domestic violence conviction has life-altering effects with serious impacts on the perpetrator’s future. Assault charges in Colorado occur when one person intentionally or recklessly inflicts violence upon another. When the suspect and victim have a past or current intimate relationship, it’s a domestic violence assault. There are three degrees of assault in Greeley domestic violence charges including:

Penalties increase for those with a history of previous domestic violence charges. After 3 convictions, a fourth conviction becomes a class-5 felony with up to 3 years in prison and 2 years of parole. All convictions also come with fines, fees, and court costs.

Defenses to Domestic Violence Charges

No two domestic violence situations are alike. The Greeley domestic violence attorneys at Martin & Reed, LLC, will construct a compelling defense strategy that best benefits the unique circumstances of your case. Possible defense in domestic violence charges could include the following:

A skilled defense attorney can prove you didn’t commit the underlying assault crime by investigating the circumstances, including interviewing eyewitnesses, examining the police report, and sometimes through an alibi if you were not present at the time the alleged domestic violence took place.

Sometimes the desire for revenge against a perceived wrong by an intimate partner results in false accusations of domestic violence. False accusations of domestic violence may also occur when one spouse seeks full custody of the children by alleging this violent crime against the other parent in the custody case.

If you were put into a position requiring you to act in self-defense, your attorney may be able to prove that you were defending yourself against the alleged victim’s acts of violence. Colorado law allows people to take action to defend themselves, someone else, or their home and property.

In some cases, the person who made the domestic violence call isn’t the alleged victim, but a neighbor or relative who misunderstood the situation.

If the prosecution’s case is weak, a strong defense can show the jury they cannot convict without a reasonable doubt, which is the requirement for conviction according to Colorado law.

Let a Greeley Domestic Violence Defense Attorney at Martin & Reed, LLC, Fight for You

Hiring a domestic violence defense attorney who is experienced in fighting for their clients and is not afraid to go to trial will make a major impact on the outcome of your case. The Greeley criminal defense team at our law firm is experienced and skilled at going to trial – so much so that the prosecutors are aware of our history. This allows us to successfully negotiate for you, securing the best possible outcome.

Call (970) 573-5187 or complete our contact form today for your free initial consultation and let us start to build the strongest defense strategy for your case. Your Greeley domestic violence defense lawyer will get started immediately and will not stop fighting for you.