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Juvenile crimes are scary – not just for the youthful offender, they’re also scary (and sometimes even scarier) for the parent or guardian that gets the call that their child has been arrested. That fear doesn’t necessarily go away just because the crime may be heard by the juvenile court. And the fear is certainly intensified if the Colorado justice system decides that your child should be charged as an adult.

Regardless of whether your child is being charged as a juvenile or an adult, you need an experienced Greeley juvenile crime defense lawyer who understands both the criminal laws impacting juveniles and those for adults. If you or your child are dealing with criminal charges in Greeley or the surrounding areas, you need the help of a skilled juvenile defense attorney at Martin & Reed, LLC. Schedule your free consultation now by calling (970) 573-5187 or completing our contact form.

Who Qualifies as a Juvenile in Colorado?

In the State of Colorado, a child who is under the age of 18 is considered a juvenile. The State of Colorado does have specific crimes that only apply to juveniles, such as truancy and underage drinking. Yet, there are also crimes that a juvenile may commit and even though they are legally considered juveniles, the State may decide to charge them as an adult. So, instead of being treated as a child and receiving the help that they need, they could be jailed, treated, and punished as adults.

Does Greeley Try Juveniles as Adults?

Children in Greeley and the surrounding areas who are as young as 12 years old can be charged as adults if they are charged with a class 1 or class 2 felony. Class 1 and class 2 felonies include serious violent crimes and sexual offenses.

Even if your child’s case initially starts in juvenile court, there’s no guarantee that it will remain there. The judge in the juvenile court could agree to transfer the matter to the adult courts. This is not in your child’s best interest since the adult system is not set up with the same resources for counseling and other treatments that the juvenile system has available. It’s always best to do everything possible to keep your child’s case in the juvenile system. The Greeley juvenile crime defense attorneys at Martin & Reed, LLC, are here to help. Schedule your free consultation with us today.

What Rights Do Greeley Juveniles Have When They Are Accused of a Crime?

When a child is accused of a crime in Colorado, they do have certain rights, including:

If your child was refused their rights, a skilled Greeley juvenile crime defense lawyer will be able to use this in your child’s defense strategy. Contact Martin & Reed, LLC, as soon as possible to consult with a Greeley criminal defense attorney who is experienced in juvenile crime cases.

Juvenile Crime Defense in Greeley: Martin & Reed, LLC, Is Here to Help Your Family

Juvenile criminal charges can wreak havoc in the life of your child and family. Let our legal team help protect the future of your child. Schedule your free consultation now with a knowledgeable Greeley juvenile crime defense attorney at Martin & Reed, LLC.