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When being faced with a sex crime charge in Greeley, remember that you have the right to remain silent. The police and investigators that contact you will ask you questions, trying to make you feel secure in talking to them. But they will use the information that you provide against you in a court of law. What if the criminal charges you’re facing are untrue or exaggerated? We highly recommend working with a Greeley sex crime defense lawyer from Martin & Reed, LLC, to protect your rights, reputation, and your future.

If you’re in or around the Greeley, Colorado area, schedule your free consultation with a sex crime attorney from Martin & Reed, LLC by calling (970) 539-9377 or completing our contact form. You can count on the Greeley criminal defense attorneys from our law firm to help ensure that your rights are protected.

What Sex Crimes Can We Help You Within Greeley?

A Greeley sex crime lawyer at Martin & Reed, LLC, can help fight for you even the most daunting of charges. We have defended clients in Greeley for sex crime charges such as:

Sex crimes in Greeley can have serious consequences for you and change your life as you know it. If you’re in Greeley or its surrounding areas and are fighting sex crime charges, don’t wait to discuss your case with a sex crime defense attorney from Martin & Reed, LLC. You can count on our Greeley criminal defense team to be nonjudgmental and to build you a solid defense strategy for your case.

What Are the Penalties for a Colorado Sex Crime?

Colorado takes sex crimes very seriously. Penalties for a conviction depend on the age of the alleged victim as well as the use of force, threat, or bodily injury. For sexual assault crimes, the state’s 4 legally defined charges come with the following penalties depending on the class of the crime:

Everyone has the right to a strong defense. With the stiff penalties associated with sex crime convictions, it’s imperative to have experienced legal counsel to represent your rights.

What Are Colorado’s Sex Offender Registration Laws?

Colorado’s sex registry serves as both a deterrent to offenders and as an investigative tool for law enforcement agencies. Anyone convicted of committing any unlawful sexual offense, enticement of a child, or internet luring of a child after July 1, 1991, is legally compelled to register within 24 hours of release from prison or within five days of taking up residence in Colorado. This applies to those convicted of committing sex crimes in Colorado or in another state.

Convicted individuals must register in the jurisdiction in which they live, either through the police department in urban areas, or the sheriff’s department in rural locations. Homeless convicted sex offenders must register in the location where most often stay or reside.

Sex offenders must re-register annually on their birth date, or every 90 days if convicted of a violent sex crime or sex crimes against a child.

What to Do After Being Charged With a Sex Crime

Criminal sex crime charges are among the most serious crimes. A conviction is life-altering and a permanent part of a criminal record. It doesn’t require much evidence to point the finger at someone and accuse them of a sex crime, and the charge alone can have devasting impacts even without a conviction. If you’re charged with a sex crime, it’s important to do the following:

How Does Martin & Reed, LLC, Fight for Their Greeley Clients?

The criminal defense attorneys at Martin & Reed, LLC, are led by a former public defender. This experience gives us an inside look at how the prosecution works, allowing us to build the strongest strategy for you. Our attorneys know that these cases can impact your life in ways that you may not expect, and we will fight to mitigate that impact to the best of our abilities.

We get started during our initial consultation. We ask that you bring any evidence, including any paperwork that you may have received from the investigators or court. A Greeley sex crime lawyer from our law firm will use this information to learn about your case while also getting to know you. Our goal is to make you comfortable while also building a winning strategy.

Your Greeley sex crime attorney from Martin & Reed, LLC, will work tirelessly on your case, fighting as hard as we can. We are not afraid to go to trial, and prosecutors know that. This gives us the leverage that we need to get you the best possible outcome available.

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