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Drug crimes are often called victimless crimes. However, this is not always the case. When you find yourself at the center of an investigation for criminal drug charges, the talented Greeley drug crime defense attorneys at Martin & Reed, LLC, can help you. We understand the importance of securing a winning defense, and our experience as public defenders allows us a valuable edge for your case.

A Greeley drug crime defense lawyer at Martin & Reed, LLC, will fight for you as if we were on the line ourselves, investigating and building a strong defense for your case. Schedule your free consultation now by calling (970) 573-5187 or by completing our contact form.

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How Do We Build a Defense to Your Greeley Drug Crime Case?

The battle that you face when you are being investigated for criminal drug charges in Greeley can feel unsurmountable. This can leave you feeling helpless and unsure of what to expect. However, the skilled Greeley drug crime lawyers at Martin & Reed, LLC, can help you. We will immediately begin looking at the evidence in your case in our quest to mount the strongest winning strategy that we can create.

Looking at this evidence allows us to begin chipping away at the prosecutor’s case. A strong defense is your best defense when faced with the reality of criminal drug charges being filed against you. The Greeley criminal defense attorneys at Martin & Reed, LLC, will ask questions about the discovery of the controlled substances, including how they were found, where they were located, and who owned the vehicle or home in which they were found. If your drug crime defense attorney finds that your rights were violated during the discovery, we will work to get the charges against you dropped.

What Greeley Drug Charges Can We Help With?

There is no drug charge that is too insignificant for us to assist you with. The most common offenses that our Greeley drug crime defense attorneys assist our clients with include, but are not limited to:

We also can defend you when you are charged with possession with intent to distribute any of these substances.

We know that when you are facing drug charges, the effect that they can have on your life can be disastrous. Unfortunately, you must also consider the possibility of your state drug charge becoming a federal offense. This is why we find every weakness in the prosecutor’s case and build the best defense available to protect you. If you are in the Greeley area and facing criminal drug charges, contact our office today for your free initial consultation with a skilled drug crime defense attorney.

How Can Greeley Drug Charges Affect You?

Drug charges are serious in nature, and as such the effect they have on your everyday life can be incredible. Depending on how severe the charges are that you are facing, you may face fines or imprisonment.

It isn’t just your current life that they can interfere with though. If convicted, you can face issues securing housing or employment. This difficulty can impair your ability to care for and support yourself or your family.

The severity of these charges can be greatly enhanced if the police found a weapon, such as a gun or a knife, on your person at the time of the discovery.

At Martin & Reed, LLC, our Greeley drug crime defense lawyers understand how these charges can wreck your life, but we are here to help defend you against the accusations being levied at you by the prosecution.

Why Hire Martin & Reed as Your Greeley Drug Crime Defense Attorney

Drug crimes are still among the most commonly prosecuted crimes in Colorado, despite a movement toward decriminalizing some forms of recreational substances. With some of the country’s most serious drug crime penalties and life-long implications for convictions, anyone facing drug crime charges in Colorado deserves the best defense. At Martin & Reed, we understand how what you might have perceived as a relatively minor infraction quickly ballooned into very serious charges with your entire future at stake.

If you’ve been charged with a drug crime in Greeley Colorado, it’s essential to have the best legal defense to protect your rights and your future to the greatest possible extent. 

Colorado takes drug crimes seriously and has some of the nation’s toughest penalties. The drug crime defense attorneys at Martin & Reed are your best mitigation against the state’s unyielding enforcement methods. Our firm will:

When your future hangs in the balance, the drug crime defense lawyers at the Greeley criminal defense firm of Martin & Reed are your best allies and advocates when you need them most.

 Colorado Drug Schedule Classifications 

Some defendants facing drug crime charges soon learn how the state’s drug schedule classifications impact the seriousness of the charges they face. This schedule system groups specific substances under the following umbrella classifications:

Penalties for Greeley Drug Charges

All too often, Colorado citizens consider drug crimes as petty offenses compared to crimes of violence but are then stunned to learn the penalties they’ll face for a conviction. Sentences and fines for drug crimes escalate with the drug type, the amount in possession, and the perceived intent. Penalties for these crimes in Colorado include:

Drug crime charges and consequences can quickly escalate in seriousness depending on amounts and the appearance of intent to sell. You’ll need a criminal defense lawyer with a strong track record of success in defending clients against drug crimes.

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Our Greeley criminal defense team at Martin & Reed, LLC, aims to make our clients as comfortable as possible during their business relationship with us. We do this by letting you get to know us as we get to know you during our initial meeting. Your Greeley drug crime defense lawyer will also use this time to explain to you the process of the court system, and what you can expect throughout the criminal charge process.

When we take on your case and have our first meeting, we will ask that you bring all the evidence that you have, including videos of any interactions with the police that you may have, and any paperwork that you have received from the court system. We will use all of this, as well as any evidence that we uncover to build your defense.

Contact us today for your free initial consultation with a skilled Greeley drug crime defense attorney and let us get started defending you today!