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White collar crimes are a term used to describe a variety of illegal activities, such as fraud, embezzlement, economic espionage, and bribery. These types of crimes often involve complex legal issues that require extensive knowledge of the law to defend the accused.

It’s difficult to deal with making a professional mistake and being falsely accused of a white collar crime in Greeley or the surrounding areas. It can tarnish your reputation, ruin your career, and impact your ability to hold certain professional licenses. It can also result in prison time, restitution, and hefty fines. Don’t leave your reputation to chance. Consult with an experienced Greeley white collar crime attorney at Martin & Reed, LLC, by calling (970) 573-5187 or by completing our contact form. We’re here to help.

What Is Considered White Collar Crime in Greeley?

A white-collar crime is a broad term to describe several activities, including:

If you are being investigated for or charged with any of these white-collar crimes, we highly recommend contacting Martin & Reed, LLC, to speak with a skilled Greeley white-collar crime defense lawyer.

Which Federal Agencies Could Be Involved in a Greeley White Collar Crime Investigation?

There are a variety of federal agencies that could be involved with investigating white collar crimes:

If you’ve been accused of a white-collar crime, schedule your free consultation with a Greeley white-collar crime defense lawyer immediately.

Why Do You Need an Experienced Greeley White Collar Crime Attorney?

If you’ve been accused of a white-collar crime, it’s essential to find an experienced Greeley criminal defense attorney. Even if you’re falsely accused, it’s easy to make yourself look guilty.

Someone else may be guilty and may have said something to make it look like you’re involved.

Depending on the white-collar crime, all it could take is someone mishandling documents to make you appear associated with the crime.

An experienced white-collar defense attorney can help protect you and work with the investigating agencies, as well as help to prepare the proper defenses.

Defenses for a Greeley White Collar Crime

To argue any of the above defenses, you need the skills, knowledge, and experience found with the Greeley white-collar crime attorneys at Martin & Reed, LLC.

White-collar crimes are often classified as felonies and can easily result in serious consequences, like jail time or large monetary fines. Our expert Greeley white-collar crime attorneys always strive to find the best outcome for you by careful investigation of the facts and legal strategies.

If you’ve been accused of any white-collar crime, schedule your free consultation with a Greeley white-collar crime lawyer at Martin & Reed, LLC today.