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A Tough Defense Against DV Accusations

Very often, domestic violence arises out of an argument between two family or household members in the heat of the moment when they are upset. By the time police arrive, the argument is over. But the police will arrest you on any sign that domestic violence occurred. And domestic violence, under the law, includes things like assault, harassment, stalking and unwanted sexual advances.

Get legal representation immediately! Don’t try to negotiate with the police; they are using everything you say to them against you.

Domestic Violence-Related Charges

There are several crimes you may be accused of in a domestic violence case. Other actions that may be tantamount to domestic violence include:

  • Keeping someone against his or her will
  • Financial harassment
  • Belittling/ verbal abuse
  • Emotional/ financial abuse

If the police suspect domestic violence of any kind, they may arrest you even if the other family member objects.

The penalties for these offenses can be harsh: imprisonment, loss of income, loss of your right to own a gun, not to mention the stigma within your community of being a violent person.

You have rights. Protect them! Call Bradley before the police arrive. Getting a defense lawyer involved early gives you the advantage you need to avoid damage to your reputation and future.

Weld County Family Violence Defense Lawyer

If you have been arrested for domestic violence, call Martin & Reed, LLC. He is committed to defending your rights.

If you have been arrested on domestic violence charges, hire an attorney before a civil protection order is entered by the Court. The civil protection order hearing will be a prime opportunity for your lawyer to gather evidence and hear both sides’ version of what happened. This information may be the basis for your criminal defense.

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