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Partying is a normal part of life for many people under the age of 21. However, when alcohol and driving mix, the consequences can be severe. If you are 20 years old or younger, your legal blood alcohol content (BAC) level is lower than the legal BAC for someone 21 or older. Even if you have not consumed enough alcohol to reach a BAC of .08, you may be charged with DUI.

At Bradley D. Martin Law, LLC, we represent young people facing charges of DUI, DWAI and other crimes related to impaired driving. We provide tenacious, skilled defense to people throughout Larimer County.

Representation For Colorado State University Students

We frequently represent students at CSU who are facing accusations of impaired driving. We are also equipped to help students fight against other criminal charges they may face, including underage drinking, minor in possession (MIP), charges involving fake IDs and drug offenses.

Prior to law school, attorney Bradley D. Martin worked as a counselor in a treatment facility for juvenile offenders. Through this experience, Bradley dedicated himself to the compassionate representation of those charged with crimes.

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Don’t let a single mistake ruin your future. If you or your child is facing allegations of underage DUI, it is important to act quickly to start building a defense and collecting important evidence. A knowledgeable attorney can help.

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