Will I Lose My License For A DUI

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For many people, driving is a part of daily life. If you rely on your car to commute to work, get to school or run important errands, losing your license because of a DUI can have serious implications. Fortunately, a skilled DUI defense lawyer can help you fight to keep your driving privileges.

Will I Lose My License For A DUI

In Colorado, the Department of Motor Vehicles handles license suspensions and revocations related to DUI charges. These administrative proceedings are completely separate from the criminal charge that may be brought against you.

Even if a criminal court finds you not guilty of driving under the influence, you may still lose your driver’s license in a DMV proceeding. However, there are ways to fight the suspension and try to preserve your driving privileges. We represent drivers in DMV hearings, using every tool available to help them keep their license.

If you do not request a DMV hearing within seven days of receiving a notice, you waive your right to a hearing and your license is suspended or revoked automatically. If you have received a notice, contact us immediately at 970-573-5187 for our Greeley office for help requesting a hearing.

Attorney Bradley D. Martin has been successful in both criminal courts and administrative hearings. At Bradley D. Martin Law, LLC, we can help you protect your driver’s license while fighting criminal charges related to your DUI.

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No matter where you are in your DUI case, we encourage you to come in for a free initial consultation to learn more about your rights and options. Even if you believe there is no hope for your driver’s license, we may be able to help. Contact us at 970-573-5187 for our Greeley office to arrange an appointment today.