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At Martin & Reed, LLC, we provide aggressive and professional representation to drivers in Colorado charged with serious and minor traffic violations.

Our Approach To Your Colorado Traffic Offense Case

Our Greeley traffic offense attorneys approach each case with an open mind, listening to your side of it and asking questions about the arrest, how the police behaved, what evidence was gathered and how your rights may been have been violated.

We want to know what you want from the case, and we invite you to work with us to chart a strategy that will result in the most positive outcome possible. Very often, we succeed in having a case dismissed on evidentiary grounds. We file and litigate motions to suppress illegally obtained evidence in every traffic case we handle through trial.

We listen to our clients. Sometimes a case doesn’t get to the trial stage. When our client wants a plea bargain, i.e., negotiating for a lesser charge and diminished penalty — including taking alcohol classes or doing community service — we work tirelessly to get the best deal possible.

Advocates For Common  Colorado Traffic Offenses

Our lawyers have represented clients in countless arrest scenarios. The cases we see most frequently include:

Your driver’s license may be in jeopardy if you are facing a traffic charge. We will move quickly to protect your driving privileges. Generally, you only have seven days from your arrest to request an administrative hearing to protect your driver’s license. In license revocation situations, we go to the administrative hearing at the DMV with you and stand by your side.

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