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Spousal maintenance, also referred to as spousal support and alimony, is a factor in many divorce cases. The goal of spousal maintenance is to ensure that divorcing spouses can integrate into post-marriage life with a similar quality of life. For this reason, if the income of each spouse is similar, spousal maintenance may not be necessary. However, if one parent stayed home to raise children or did not work during the marriage, spousal maintenance may be a critical factor. It is often considered alongside of property division agreements.

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The Fort Collins Spousal Maintenance Formula

If the gross income of both spouses is $75,000 or less, there is a formula that can be used to determine an appropriate amount of spousal maintenance. Essentially, each spouse’s income is entered into the formula. The result is typically what the courts will go with, although there may be reasons for deviation. Your spousal maintenance attorney from Martin & Reed, LLC, will determine whether this number is right for you.

The formula does not apply to spouses whose gross income is $75,000 or greater. In these cases, there is no equation, but a variety of factors that will need to be reviewed. Obviously, each spouse’s income is important. Other things that may be considered are educational level and employment opportunities, length of marriage and more. Having handled these matters for years, our spousal maintenance attorneys understand how to pursue a fair outcome for divorcing couples in Fort Collins.

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