Why Quantity Affects The Severity Of A Drug Charge

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Whether you have been charged with drug possession or drug distribution, it is in your best interest to enlist an experienced attorney as quickly as possible. At Martin & Reed, LLC, we have the trial experience to take a strong stance against these charges. We have built an enviable record of results defending people throughout Northern Colorado.

Drug Possession

Were you accused of being in possession of meth, heroin, cocaine, prescription drugs or another controlled substance? You may be charged with a felony. A conviction could result in serious penalties. Our drug possession lawyer is a former public defender who understands how to effectively chip away against the prosecution’s case against you, beginning with attacking the traffic stop when appropriate.

A more serious drug crime is drug possession with intent to distribute. This is typically charged when there is little actual evidence of drug distribution, but the accused was caught in possession of a substantial quantity of drugs, or the drugs were prepackaged in smaller quantities as if for sale, or there were packaging materials with the drugs.

Drug Distribution

Distribution of a controlled substance is a much more serious felony charge than drug possession. The penalties can vary based on the amount of drugs sold. Incarceration may be mandatory upon conviction, making it all the more important to choose an attorney who can attack the charges from every angle.

We will conduct a thorough investigation. Our experience has taught us how to deal with all scenarios, including those involving law enforcement sting operations. Even if you believe the odds are against you, we will work tirelessly to develop a strategy that will put you in the best possible position.

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