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There are specific family law guidelines that dictate how child support should be calculated. Essentially, the calculation is based on two factors: the gross income of each of the parents and the parenting time arrangements. Unless there is good reason to deviate from this equation, it will be followed. An experienced Fort Collins child support attorney at Martin & Reed, LLC, can assist with this process. Schedule a free consultation by calling 970-573-5187 or completing our contact form.

Why You Need an Attorney to Assist With Child Support in Fort Collins

Having a Fort Collins child support lawyer review your case is important. While the equation that will be used is clear, the numbers that are to be entered may not be. For example, one parent may have income that might be overlooked or even hidden when calculating child support. Your child support lawyer from Martin & Reed, LLC, will see that all of the numbers are accurate to ensure fair child support payments.

Additionally, we know when the guidelines should be deviated from. Parents in Northern Colorado may have higher incomes that the guidelines do not take into account. The child may have special needs that are not covered in the guidelines. Whatever the case may be, we will work hard to see that the outcome is accurate and in the child’s best interest.

A skilled Fort Collins child support attorney can assist with child support, whether you are going through a divorce or in relation to a paternity action. Contact us for a free consultation.

Fort Collins Child Support Modification and Enforcement

It is not unusual to seek changes to child support payments. Perhaps you lost your job. Perhaps your spouse got a higher paying job. Perhaps the needs of the child have changed and there are new expenses that need to be covered. We will move quickly to modify child support arrangements as needed.

When one party falls behind on child support payments, the other has the right to take action. The nonpaying parent may be held in contempt of court or be subject to other penalties. Ultimately, the goal of our child support lawyers is to make certain that the payee parent gets the money necessary to raise the child and that payments continue as needed.

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