How To Fight A DUI Charge

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At Bradley D. Martin Law, LLC, we offer tenacious, thorough DUI defense. Even if you believe your case is not strong, there are ways to fight a DUI charge in Colorado. How we defend you depends on the circumstances of your case and the evidence against you.

In order to prove that you are guilty of driving under the influence, the prosecutor must prove two things: that you were driving a vehicle and that you were under the influence. He or she will use evidence gathered before, during and after your traffic stop to build the case against you.

We evaluate all of the evidence to ensure that law enforcement officials acted properly throughout the duration of your case. If the prosecution depends on evidence that was gathered illegally, or a test that has been proven unreliable, we can seek to have it thrown out so it does not unfairly affect your case. We look at every possible weakness in the prosecution, including:

We are prepared to fight for you at every step of your case, making every effort to help you minimize jail time, fines and the other consequences of a DUI conviction.

Experienced, Aggressive Drunk Driving Defense And Larimer County

The best way to fight DUI charges is to have an experienced advocate fighting for you. Even if your case seems simple, a DUI defense attorney can advise you of your rights, build a strong defense and maximize your chances for success.

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